4 Sep 2023  |  Exhibition


Panos Profitis
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The Breeder is pleased to announce Κωμωδία/Comoedia, Panos Profitis’ first solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition comes as a contituation of Profitis’ takeover of the gallery’s atrium during the summer, with a site specific installation. Both the title and the structure of the exhibition draw inspiration from the theater and the narrative poetry, Dante’s Divine Comedy, the Aristophanic work, but also from Gustave Dore’s engravings, religious art, utopian philosophy (Tomas More, Lewis Mumford, Adorno), as well as from Brecht’s comic allusions.

Inhabiting the gallery’s basement and interacting with the architecture of the building, the exhibition evolves on three conceptual levels while activates a scenographic, almost metaphysical viewing. The sculptures unfold their story on different levels of action. The quest of the viewer begins with an installation that refers to the chthonic element, the Underworld, to evolve into the earthly in the present time, a level that in Dante’s approach is the purgatory. In the same space the viewer also encounters an almost divine composition, where the supernatural element dominates the works. These creatures belong to a utopian sphere that has cracked and its fragments intrude into the urban landscape, posing a contradiction with the works themselves. In the exhibition all three levels of action and meaning merge with each other, allowing every individual work to participate in all states at once, and every viewer to pivot and create their personal cathartic journey.

Read more about this exhibition here.

Opening: Friday 15 September 2023, 17:00 - 22:00

Exhibition dates: 15 September - 14 October 2023


45 Iasonos st 10436 Athens

+30 210 3317527

thebreedersystem.com | gallery@thebreedersystem.com

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