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A part of the function of the DS platform is to search for and promote stories of creativity, innovation, inspiration and sustainability regarding Design. If you want your work, product or article published, submit your content (text, images etc.) to the following addresses (preferably to both):

How to submit your content

To submit content for consideration, email us the following:

  • Images in .jpg form and good quality.
    (Don’t limit the number of images -the more the better).
  • Your text in .word form. Make sure it is concise and relatively short.
    (The text must be provided both in English and Greek).
  • Video with a YouTube or Vimeo link.
  • Links where appropriate.

Αν τα αρχεία που θέλετε να αποστείλετε 10MB in size,, παρακαλούμε χρησιμοποιήστε WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive κοκ.

We don't have formal criteria for selecting content but we are generally looking for content that is fresh, innovative, noteworthy, has a good story behind it and has excellent images. The content submitted for publishing will then be assessed by the Design Society editorial team. In any case, we will contact you to update you with the course of your submission.

Our policy does not include payment in any form for content (articles, photographs etc.) published in Design Society. However, we happily publish links, credits and copyright details when needed.

You must ensure you have the permission of the copyright holder for all material you submit.


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